Cleaning Service Marbella Area

Having a clean home can be an arduous task and, you may not have the time to accomplish it, or you just do not feel like dealing with this type of issues. Whatever your reason is, we are always willing to assist you to bring-top-notch needed into your home, with our house-keeping service and personal touch.

After you experience our house-keeping services you will feel proud about your home looks, and the best part is that no need to hassle. Our maid will take care of it, as she has been fully trained and knows how to do this job. And, in case you have any enquiry she is capable to follow the instructions correctly.

Nowadays, it is difficult to find people to trust and open your home’s doors. We have a very strong procedure when selecting employees, we double check theirs records and references, they are evaluated for a short-period before hiring, to ensure they are reliable persons. Mainly, if one of our clients have no time to be at home meanwhile the service is on duty, can feel self-assured about providing the home’s key.

The maid mainly tasks include: general cleaning, kitchen and bathrooms.

General Cleaning:

  • She either dusts or cleans windowsills and blinds,
  • Furniture, households
  • Wipe down all doors,
  • Chimney, fireplace or barbeque areas,
  • Vacuum carpets


  • Wash dishes,
  • Scrub kitchen sink,
  • Wipe down/clean walls,
  • Wipe kitchen counter,
  • Wipe or Wash kitchen table,
  • Deep clean of all appliances.


  • Scrub toilets,
  • Wash bathroom sinks, walls, floors, mirrors and surfaces,
  • Wipe down bathroom cabinets,
  • Clean tubs and showers.

Our staff iscontinuously trained, to improve their skills and performance levels, in order to optimize the service and keep our clients satisfied.

You deserve sometime by your own, spoil yourself and have some spare time for enjoyment. Our domestic maid service fee is just 12€/per hour and, it is indeed worthy, we only request a minimum of 4 hours. Her transportation is already included on the fee.

We are locatedin Avenida Calderon de la Barca s/n Magna Marbella Golf, Local 92 E, Nueva Andalucia 29660, Malaga, España. Ourphonenumberis (+34) 951 120 609. And,wehavepresence in Marbella, Nueva Andalucia, Estepona, San Pedro de Alcantara, Benehavis, Puerto Banus y Nagueles.

Please feel free to contact us for further information, or visit our main office upon request.